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Welcome to Alpha Martial Art

A place where we strengthen ourselves and build good characters

Through Taekwondo's Martial Arts moves, we empower our students to become stronger physically and mentally. Especially for younger students, we help them build 4 qualities below.


Self Discipline


Self Defense

Martial Arts for Everyone

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Our Martial Arts Programs

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Little Alpha

For 4 - 6 year olds for all belt levels, filled with educational and fun activities to get started with martial arts!

Alpha Warriors

For 7+ year olds who are divided into different skill levels, designed to teach focus and self discipline from young age

Alpha Teens

Alpha Teens is a program geared towards teenagers who are looking to strengthen their physicality and build confidence

Alpha Fitness

For teens and adults who would like to learn Martial Arts' self defense skills and core training

Private Events

You name it: Birthday parties, parent's night, Parents & Me day, buddy day, or anything Martial Arts related!

Our Martial Arts Master

Meet Master Woo!

Master Woo

Thank you for visiting Alpah Martial Arts. Whether you want to improve yourself physically or mentally, you have come to the right place. Martial art is the healthiest and the most engaging way to improve ourselves, and it is a truly creative way to express our inner selves.

Through the past 10 years of my teaching TaeKwonDo, I have seen so many transformations to healthier life styles, and by learning to control our physical and mental self, we can invigorates our lives, and those around us!


Degree Black

World Certified Instructor


See how Taekwndo Martial Arts can change our students